28 February 2007

This post doesn't need a title

Don't look for me in the store. I no longer work there. She fired me.

24 February 2007

Free images

I love Lisa Vollrath's sites. Once in a while, she comes up with a countdown for a holiday where you can download some images and use them in your projects... as long as you don't sell whatever you're using the images in. Take a look. Here's one for St.Patrick's Day!

10 February 2007

Trying to find room...

... where there is none! I've had this idea in my mind, for a few weeks now, that I should move things around in my living room, to try and have more space to work in. Tonight, even though I was quite tired and stuffed up on tortellini and cheesecake (yes, I indulged myself!), I decided to make the plunge into the unknow and move things. Everytime I was moving something, I had to sweep all those dust bunnies (or in this case, dust cats!) or I'm quite sure they would multiply behind my back. You know how bunnies are... (o_O) Nevermind... Back to the move. So I've created myself a little hallway where there was none by moving my couch sideways. Its back serves as a "wall" to the "hallway". There's still lots of things to sort out and *gulp* throw away but I'll have a decent work space soon. All my drawer units are together on the same wall and NOT in front of the heater anymore (finally gonna save my paints and glues and inks and... no that's it.) The only problem is that I have to move my TV at an angle to watch it comfortably but it's not a BIG problem since I don't watch much TV anymore. Now I think I have to invest in shelving units and hooks and one of those fold-out wooden tables. I'm going to FINALLY install my small cork board and my metal board and strip to use magnets on (for my oh so important notes!) I will take pictures eventually... when it's actually clean (clean?!? what's that?!?) and I'll post them for all my viewers' to enjoy (yeah all 2 or 3 of ya!!!)

PS Diesel was having quite a lot of fun NOT helping me during all this hardwaork. She would in fact go ON whatever I was moving WHILE I was moving it. She doesn't seem to mind the changes. And if she does, well :-P to her!!! Ciao!

06 February 2007

Art 4evr

Look at what I made! It's not easy finding only 4-letter words to put on a heart. Go here to make your own.

05 February 2007

More ATCs

These were made for the "Just Do It, Quick Swap" on swap-bot where you had to make whatever it is you do craftwise and send it within a week to 3 different people on the list, all of them being in Canada. For the Little Prince ones, I used collage paper I had made a few months ago, tags done with a Big Punch, stamps from a kit for kids. In the Framed Cat ATCs, I used monoprint paper made from spreading left-over acrylic paints on cardstock and then squishing everything with another cardstock to move the colors around and get colored backgrounds. The cat stamp is from when I was a kid. And the line was inspired by a comic strip called Sinfest. Thanks for looking...

03 February 2007


Artist Trading Cards.

Typically exchanged between artists and crafters (not sold), these cards mesure 2.5"x3.5" and fit in the sports trading card sleeves. These three were done for a swap I'm hosting on Swap-bot. The only other rule I added was that no type of glue or adhesive was to be used on them. Mine were assembled with staples, brads, eyelets and paper clips. A bit of a challenge but I like how they turned out. I hope my partners will appreciate them.

01 February 2007

Coffee Filter Album - The pictures

Here are the pictures. Inside the filters were added close to 40 tags with signatures of people who came to the party or contributated to the gift for our retiring coworker. The party was a smash. I did do the 12x12 layout but didn't take pictures. Maybe one day it'll happen, otherwise it's no big deal.

Coffee Filter Album

Finally completed it. Scanned it too. I will be posting pictures later tonight. It was fun to work with a different size and shape. I will definitely try it again!