30 March 2007

Beauty surrounds us

As I walked by the water, I couldn't help but take pictures of this beautiful sunset. The waves were making chunks of ice move on the water and it sounded like tiny notes of music. What a perfect evening!

29 March 2007

Free images again

Another countdown by Lisa Vollrath. This time, for Easter. Follow the rabbit this way!

13 March 2007

New medium

I tried my Oil Paint Sticks over the weekend... LOVE how easy they are to use and it's definitely a different look and feel compared to acrylics, which is what I usually use. I made a simple painting with only red, yellow, blue and a bit of white. Sort of looks like an explosion of light above the sea... Or a bonfire under the night sky if you turn it upside down. I was only playing with the colors, spreading them and mixing them. I suppose my Muse did the rest!

10 March 2007

The end of swapping... for now!

Yes, I've decided to stop my swapping career. Only because it consumes too much of my time and quite a bit of money (shipping mostly to US and Intl.) I finished preparing and packaging my last swaps, which will probably cost a lot to ship. Now, I will concentrate on personnal projects: painting, scrapbooking and other crafts (ATCs, artist journal, altered art, cards, etc.) So many projects, so many passions, so little time! And with the warm weather coming soon, I want to go outside more and take pictures... of anything and everything.

07 March 2007


Went to the Museum of Fine Arts tonight. I hadn't been there in a long time. I went with Caroline and it was nice. Although I like going to the museum with a friend, I think I even like it better when I go alone cuz then, I can listen to music and really take my time to look at everything. We did see a lot of stuff tonight. I especially like the African Art collection but had I been alone, I probably would have taken more time to look at each piece individually. Maybe this summer...

02 March 2007

One blog isn't enough

So I started another one for things I felt didn't belong on this blog. Beyond March Madness. I will write every day on that blog, especially through the month of March, listing my efforts towards changing eating habits, exercise, completing projects, letting go and being smart with money. So one blog for more artsy related stuff, one for everyday challenges and changes. I don't expect anyone to actually read BMM or post comments there. Heck, I don't expect anyone to actually read THIS blog so whatever happens will be fine by me.

Check out this canadian artist's website. She has some interesting ideas and I think I'll buy her book Living Out Loud.

01 March 2007

Moving on...

Here are 2 layouts I did recently. One that I finished last week and one that I did today. On the theater page, there's hidden journaling behind the picture (pull-out tag). I'm really happy with both pages.

March is going to be a big month for me. I plan to complete a project a day. And I plan to reorganize my life. I'm going to change my eating habits. Gonna start exercising regularly. Taking time for myself. Because, to quote a famous brand, I'm worth it!