31 July 2007

Some lemony goodness

This is a painting I did last year. I had been waiting to do its sister Lime before taking pictures but then I figured I might as well show it now. After all, it's already been a year... I used all sorts of things on there. Even a cardboard circle (you know the ones that ribbon comes on) that I painted and stuck on there (it's the bigger circle.)

Another successful day yesterday. I almost didn't go for my evening walk but then I decided to go buy a popsicle at the corner grocery shop (five minutes to walk there.) I had one of those 3-color popsicles and it was yummy! My tongue was purple after that!

This morning, my walk was longer. 25 minutes. I felt good, it was beautiful outside, birds singing... Very enjoyable. Now it's time to cook up something for dinner... but what? I have no idea yet!

Have a pleasant evening!

30 July 2007

Second Day and a Cute Purse

Isn't this a cute purse? It's made of Coca-Cola cans which have been cleaned, cut and flattened to be able to sew them onto a plastic material. I bought this at Ten Thousand Villages so of course, it's Fair Trade.

I did everything on my list yesterday, not that it is that much stuff to do. I also went for my walk this morning. No crows harassing me this time! Phew!

I should get a folding chair for when I want to go by the lake to draw or paint or whatever else I feel like doing when looking at water and nature. I think my parents have 3 of them... Maybe they'll lend me one for a while? Or maybe I'll just go buy one (I have to buy other stuff anyway, like rechargeable batteries.)

One thing I did yesterday was cleaning the planting pot that's on my balcony in order to maybe plant something in it. I don't know what. Maybe just throw flower seeds in there and see if they'll grow. Well that's it for now. I'll put more photos of my graffiti backgrounds on Flickr. I've decided that I'll make them available for people to print and use in their own altered art.

Alrighty, that's it for now. Enjoy your afternoon!

29 July 2007

Something different

Today, I'm starting something different. I tend to be a lazy person so in order to DO things I NEED to do, I have to set a schedule, a routine, a goal, etc I am not a very active person but I do WANT to exercise more. So I've decided, for the next 30 days (which will end on the day before going back to work), to go for a walk every morning, after writing my Morning Pages, doing some stretching and/or Yoga (mini sessions - self taught). It doesn't have to be a long walk or a fast paced one. Just 10-15 minutes in the morning, while it's still cool out, before actually having breakfast. And then, after lunch or dinner, another 10-15 minutes of walking.

Already, next weekend will be a challenge since I won't be home. Going to Quebec with Caroline, sleeping at a friend's house. I'll figure something out, I'm sure. I HAVE to!

In other news, did you know that Subway now has a vegetarian sub made with veggie patties? At least the one I went to yesterday, in Montreal-Est, had it. And it was yummy!

20 July 2007

2-page layout

Last wednesday, I went to Catherine's house for her Stampin' Up! "open house" party. It was fun. We did 2 make-n-takes. We received a piece of cardboard cake with goodies inside. And I won a paper pack! I usually don't win anything! Yippie! So these two pages are done with said papers from the pack. I love the colours! This is for my 8.5" x 8.5" album. I'm liking this 2-page spread a lot! What do you think?
new post coming up

08 July 2007

I've been playing with paints and stencils and colours lately. Creating backgrounds to use in other projects such as handmade journals, ATCs, Fatbooks, etc. I'm having fun! :-D

Jazz Fest was fun. We ate at Les 3 Brasseurs which was delish! We saw a group of fire-breathers which was absolutely stunning.

Other than that, not much is happening at the moment, which is fine. I'm feeling good and I'm happy with my life right now.

This is a sample of my "graffiti" backgrounds.

05 July 2007

I almost forgot...

I've so far gotten rid of 6 lbs of fat which haven't returned. That's since mid-may (I think.) I'm on my way to a slimmer, healthier, happier me!!! Yay me!


I've been productive the past few days. I've been doing collages and small handmade journals (photos to come at a later date.) Tuesday, I showed mom how to use Alcohol Inks and she loved it! We made a few cards that day and again yesterday. You can see them on my Flickr page. I'm really happy with the results. The one I like the least is the Faerie coloured with Sharpies. I wanted to see what it would look like but I find it's just too much colours with the background. But at least I tried, right?

Going downtown tonight with Catherine for the Jazz Festival. Haven't been in quite a few years. It'll be fun!

Tomorrow is a good day for more creating! I bought the latest Cloth Paper Scissors magazine and there's some interesting projects I want to try. As well as in my Somerset Studio magazines! So many ideas to try out!!!

01 July 2007

A busy day

After days, or rather weeks, of laziness, I finally decided to do some cleaning. I had quite a lot of dirty dishes. Now they're all clean. I also had 3 weeks worth of clean clothes just piled up on my dresser. Now, all folded in the drawers or hung in the closet. I also tackled my mountains of papers and other craft supplies. It's all neat and everything is in the right spot. Now, I have to use it! After all this cleaning and bending to pick up stuff, I'm tired and my ribs are a bit sore but that's ok. Only means that I need to workout more.

I finished reading The Secret and Boy, did I have negative thoughts without knowing it! All those don't wants and don't dos!!! No more. Now I do what I love and state exactly what I want! I still haven't read Vonnegut but that's definitely happening this week (it's due back in 10 days so I HAVE to read it.) I treated myself to another SARK book (this one I bought): Make Your Creative Dreams Real. Too bad my library doesn't have any other of her books.

Yesterday, we were having dinner to celebrate my aunt Céline's birthday. I made her a card and a necklace (from a kit bought at WalMart.) I forgot to take a picture of the card but it's pretty much the same as the last one I made except in yellow tones and with flowers added to the bottom right corner. She loved it and the necklace too. Here's a picture of the necklace. Not bad for a first attempt, huh?