30 April 2007

Lisa Vollrath's at it again...

Another countdown coming our way, for mother's day. Here's the link.

14 April 2007

Mini Collages

Here are some of the mini collages I was working on last week. All the images I used are from ArtChix Studio and I used various rubons I had lying around. Just trying to use whatever I have in my stash. The smallest squares are 1"x1", the two medium ones are 1.5"x1.5" and the cat one is 2"x2". This was fun to do, trying to find images small enough and words too. Dictionaries are great for that!

01 April 2007

When inspiration strikes...

...it's best to follow. For a week, I've been looking at my pictures from New-York, wondering how to use them in a layout. I finally decided on a 2-page layout but then was stumped for colours. I brought my New York paper with me to SC and asked Catherine for some help. She suggested this gorgeous blue to match the Radio City neon sign and some white for matting and journaling. I picked up some Thickers for the title. But I still felt like it was missing something. Yesterday, as I was shopping with mom, I found the perfect gray to match with the page. Yep! That's what I needed. On a whim, I decided to cut up one of the pictures (an original no less) because there was a big spot of light in the corner that annoyed me. And lo and behold, that was what pushed me to finish these pages! I spent all of today's afternoon on it but it's done, scanned and now posted online! Yay me! For the journaling, I searched my old diaries to find only a small entry about the trip, which was mostly about what I had bought instead of what I had seen! Darn teenagers!!! Oh well, at least I remembered some of the stuff already. I'm really happy with the final product. This was my first 2-page spread done all on my own!