28 May 2008

CeeCee's CC#6

Another colour challenge up on CeeCee's blog. You have until tomorrow night to play if you feel like it. This challenge was, well, challenging, to say the least. I could still add a sentiment above the heart but right now, I'll leave it as is.

Candace tagged me over on her blog so I thought I'd play along.

1. What were you doing 10 years ago? I was working as a cashier at Reno-Depot, falling in love with the wrong guys and learning about wicca.

2. What are 5 things on your TO DO list? Wash dishes, fold and put away clean clothes, make skinny book pages for a swap, start exercising, eat healthy meals.

3. What are 5 snacks you enjoy? Chips, chocolate, PB&J sandwich, cereal with milk, fruits

4. Name some things you would do if you were a millionaire: buy myself a house, pay off my debts, go to Europe with my mom and throw myself a big party. Ok, maybe not that last part!

5. Name some places where you've lived: my parents' house in Pierrefonds and my apartment in Lachine (both are suburbs of Montreal for those who don't know.)

6. Name some bad habits you have: I'm lazy and messy. I'm a procrastinator. I'm very self-critical.

7. Name some jobs you've had: cashier, scrapbooking instructor and elementary school educator (lunchtime and after school program.)

I'm not tagging anyone in return but if you feel like playing along, let me know!

25 May 2008

Hello tomorrow.

Today being the 25th, I am participating in the Scrap Your Day event over at Shimelle's blog. All day we had to take photos of certain things, at certain times. This month, the focus is on still life so I picked my favourite teacup to immortalize on (digital) film. I bought it last summer at a flea market for $5.00 and just had to have it (it was made in Occupied Japan which is not always easy to find.) For the first time ever, I just tried my Photoshop to add the words on the photo. My goal this summer is to learn to use Photoshop or any other photo editing program. I want to play with my photos and make pretty things out of them. June is just around the corner and that means that summer and vacation time aren't far behind. There are a lot of things I want to do this summer. Hopefully I'll get to at least half of it. Do you plan your summer in advance? What plans do you have?

21 May 2008

CeeCee's CC#5

My friend CeeCee's having another Colour Challenge on her blog so what better way to work through the funk! This card was made in about 30 minutes. It came together on its own it seems. Stamps and flower are from Stampin' Up! and cardstocks are Bazzill. Brads are American Crafts and the ribbon came in a kit from ArtChixStudio.

This was fun to make and I'll probably try to make more cards. My friend/coworker has bought 2 of my cards already and might be interested in more so that's a good thing!

20 May 2008


I never really thought I was good at drawing. I never seem to be able to draw "lifelike" subjects. It used to bother me. Not anymore.

I haven't been inspired lately to do much, creatively speaking. And you want to hear the funny thing? I've been doing loads of stuff, creatively speaking! I'm trying to push through this "funk" that I'm in by creating anyway. And one of the ways I'm doing that is by rediscovering my drawing skills. This weekend, I pulled out an old photo of my mom. A photo booth picture. She has a lot of them and I love them. So I decided to recreate that image in pencil. And it actually looks a lot like the original. The only thing I'm not happy with is the facial features but I just need more practice I suppose. I didn't know what to do in the background and didn't want to risk messing up the drawing so I left it blank on purpose. This was a good exercise in observation and reproduction. I should definitely do more of those.

Please keep my friend Judie in your thoughts and prayers.

18 May 2008

And the winner is...

According to the Random Number Generator, the winner is number 5 but since my mother who was the second to comment isn't participating (she can get my art any time she wants!) that makes the fifth commenter..... ANGELA!!! Congratulations!

This is a triptych I made for an ATC swap. I'm trying to do different types of ATCs and to not always do the messy collages I make. It's not easy but I'm trying. For the past 15 days, on top of doing my Daily Art Card which can be anything from drawing to painting or collaging, I also started keeping a small book on my nightstand where I make one drawing every night before going to bed. It's good practice. And an artist always needs practice in my opinion. Tomorrow I'm having a craft day with CeeCee and my mother. Should be fun!

12 May 2008

Believe - a giveaway

Alrighty... in the spirit of decluttering, I'm offering this altered CD as a giveaway prize. All you need to do for a chance to win this one of a kind piece of art (and maybe something else thrown in for good measure) is leave a comment on this post. You have until Sunday May 18th, 8PM for a chance to win.

Good luck!

09 May 2008


Is it possible for an artist, a mixed media artist at that, to live a simple life? You know, less possessions, more space. Less clutter, more zen. I wonder...

Busy weekend ahead. My parents, my brother and I are going to see my grandparents on Sunday.

Today's image is one of my Daily Art Cards from this week. Oil pastels and 4B pencil on untextured cardstock.

PS Come back after the weekend for a giveaway. No specific reason why other than trying to get rid of clutter. (This giveaway will be art by me... )

07 May 2008

CeeCee's Colour Challenge #4

I decided to play again for this round. Stamps, flowers and grey/green cardstock from Stampin' Up! The rest is from my stash. It's simple. Now I just need to find an envelop to use with it!

06 May 2008


My friend Catherine tagged me on her blog. I'll answer the tag but am not tagging anyone else for it. If you feel like doing it though, let me know!

What is the object you CAN'T live without:

1. At home: my computer. It's sad I know, but it's the truth.

2. At work: comfortable shoes. I spend a lot of time standing up while working with kids.

3. While scrapbooking: my paper trimmer! It really makes scrapbooking easier!

4. During your hobbies/exercises: I don't do exercise. So let's go with the hobby part. Hmm, one object... I'd have to say glue... for collage and ATC and cardmaking...

5. In your car: my clip-on sunglasses. My eyes are really sensitive to sunlight so I need my clip-ons when I'm driving.

So that's a little bit about me... Image is an ATC for Hoot Hoot! An Owl Swap!

04 May 2008

Spotlight on the artist

One of my cards made it on the front page of ATCSforALL as a Spotlight on the Artist! I'm very excited about it!

I'm working on a lot of different ATC swaps these days and having a lot of fun with them. It's keeping me busy. I don't have much else to talk about so this post is short and sweet.