27 June 2008

CeeCee's CC#9

Two posts in one day! Lucky readers!

This is my contribution to CeeCee's colour challenge. I had a hard time finding similar colours to those posted but eventually, it all worked out. Very simple card. It will end up being my aunt's birthday card.

There's a festival in Lachine. It started yesterday and ends tomorrow. I went to see one of the many free shows. It was amazing. I'll see if the photos are good enough to post tomorrow. The act itself consists of clown-type people playing music with drums, bells and other "ringing" instrument and also 3 acrobats. Everyone's on a metal structure that gets lifted in the air by a mechanical crane and which is lighted and can open up and close in the form of a flower. Very impressive. The group is from France and they've been all around the world. Go here to get a glimpse of the structure.

I'm off to bed now. And looking forward to sleeping in...

Summer vacation

It's official. As of 11:30 today, I'm on vacation for 7 weeks! And I have lots of plans. Which all include having fun! And it starts tonight with free shows by the lake.

I updated my Flickr gallery recently so go look at some of my art.

20 June 2008

CeeCee's CC#8

A new colour challenge is up on CeeCee's blog. The colour palette really called out to me and I had fun creating this card. Of course, I don't have the official Stampin' Up! colours but these came close enough. I love how the card turned out. I used one of my new stamps (All Kinds of Happy Collection - Cupcake from Imaginisce) and played with my corner punches. I also used a big square brad which doesn't look quite that yellow in real life.

Last day of school is Monday. Lots of kids won't even be there. It should be a pretty laid back kind of day. I'm officially on vacation as of next Friday at 11:30 am. Meanwhile, I'm still creating a storm for all the swaps I'm signed up for.

17 June 2008

Scrap Your Day - May

May 25th came and went. I took photos and scrapped about it last week. This is the end result. The album template was a bit of a challenge for me because when I did my album, I forgot to add an extra inch to the background cardstock (I did 6" x 12" instead of 7" x 12") but that's ok. I made it my own. I added a few rub-ons and stickers to fill in some blank spots. And voilà! a scrapbook layout representing a day in my life (a lazy Sunday at that!)

16 June 2008

Round Robin ATC

One of the things I'm hooked up on lately is Round Robin ATCs. The way it works is: the 1st person creates the backgrounds, the 2nd player adds approximately the same things to all the cards (one for each player) and the third player finishes the cards. Each player gets one of the cards in the end.

At first, I didn't know how I would feel about working on a card started by someone else. But now, I like the challenge. In fact I can't get enough of those Round Robins! I'm even thinking of hosting one myself this summer.

Speaking of summer, lots of plans are bubbling. I'll probably spend a weekend in Ontario for a live ATC trade + art day + meeting one of the Glitter Power Sisters! Very exciting! I have plans to go to the movies with Anik and to the museum too. I'm sure I'll have plenty of outings with Catherine too (by the way, for those who don't know, Catherine and CeeCee are one and the same.) My brother is going to Florida for a few days so I'll have to go take care of his cats a few times. And then I want to take control of my living room/studio. I need to get organized and to get rid of more stuff.

School finishes next Monday, on the 23rd. The 24th is a provincial holiday. And I'm working the rest of the week (25-26-27th) but only in the mornings (7:00-11:30) and I already have plans for 2 of those afternoons. Busy summer ahead it seems!

12 June 2008

CeeCee's CC#7

Here is my card for the latest colour challenge on CeeCee's blog. I made it very simple, layering the different colours one on top of the other and stamped and coloured the little Chihuahua (Inkadinkado) and stamped the greeting. The challenge was also to make the card for Father's Day. I could use it for that if I wanted to but also for any other occasion. I wasn't very inspired by the colours this time so maybe that's why I'm not too fond of the card. Can't be perfect all the time, right? ;-)

There's only a few days of school left. The kids are rowdy and tired. Not all of them, thankfully. We're all very eager to be on vacation. Soon...

09 June 2008


I have to go back to work.

This is something I won on Colette's blog a few weeks ago. It's gorgeous! And with it came a beautiful fabric collage that I plan on framing as soon as I find the perfect frame for it.

It's hot and humid here. Not good when paired with insomnia. But that's okay because I'll soon be on vacation.

04 June 2008


One of the swaps I joined recently on ATCSforALL is called Printmaking ATCs. The idea is that everyone who participates must make their own rubber stamp or make other types of prints (monoprinting, Screen-printing, etc.) I decided to make my own rubber stamp by carving into a block of Speedball carving block. I liked it so much, I carved a couple of erasers too!

I know I don't post as often as I used to but I prefer to concentrate on creating right now. And enjoying life. Besides, whenever I spend too much time on the internet, I start thinking about all the things I _should_ be doing and then get depressed because I don't do them. No more! I have plans to go to the movies with my coworker/friend soon and this summer we're going to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts to see the exhibit about Yves St-Laurent (who just passed away a few days ago, I might add.) Haute Couture to drool over... well not over but close to... I'll keep you updated on that!

01 June 2008

News from the procrastinator

Remember when I said I was lazy and messy and a procrastinator? Today I tried to do something about it. I didn't allow myself to turn on the television or the computer until all my dishes were cleaned (a week's worth at least) and all my clothes folded and put away (3 weeks of laundry worth.) I also forced myself to cook something for dinner which I don't always do. And it worked! All of it! My kitchen counter is empty, as is the sink. All my clothes are in their right place. Nothing laying around. Now, next step is the living room/studio. But not tonight. I've done enough for one day!

This morning I went grocery shopping and the only "junk" I bought was a six-pack of small Ginger Ale cans. And I don't usually spend all that much at the grocery store but this time, for some reason, I did. And it was the first time that I could get the "free item with purchase of 60$ or more" which was broccoli. So that was a nice surprise.

I'm signed up for a few swaps over at ATCSforALL. It's addicting, I tell ya! Probably my healthiest addiction to date! ;-)