30 June 2009

Art camp, Day 2

Another great day here at MissKoolAid's art camp. We did lots of stuff. And everyone was happy with the projects and results.

We died paper towels and used them to add colour and pizzazz to plain white cardstock. We also finger painted on more cardstock (forgot to photograph those papers but they turned out great!) All new papers were used to make affirmation cards. Many, many affirmation cards.

Other activities included making felt flower brooches, using a new-to-them pattern of scoubidou (gimp), going for a walk by the water to write/draw in their journal, a photo session, picking heart shaped (or simply beautiful) rocks to paint later this week. Day 2= another success!

More photos later this week.

29 June 2009

Been busy

Yes, I have been busy. And I've had a few difficult couple of weeks before finally starting summer vacation last Wednesday. Work wasn't always easy but I won't dwell on that. I've been especially busy getting ready to host my very first Art Camp in my tiny apartment. And today was the first day for my week-long camp. Let me tell you that 3 girls + 1 adult + 1 shy cat in a 3-1/2 apt is not always easy or comfortable but we all made it out alive and with smiles on our faces. Well, maybe Diesel isn't smiling (she's still hiding) but all 3 girls and myself definitely were.

So for this 1st day, the girls had to personalize their journal by collaging + painting + stamping their covers, front and back. Then they decorated an envelop for the inner back cover and used stamps and/or journaling notes to write their name on the inner front cover. The photos show you 2 journals, outer covers only. I didn't think to photograph the 3rd girl's journal as she left earlier. Tomorrow though.

After working on the covers and watching me bind their journals with my trusty Bind-it-all, the girls were shown how to make their own stamps with self-adhesive craft foam and foam board. They, of course, had to test their new creations in their journal. With that page done, I'm sure it will be less intimidating to continue working in their journal.

The day actually went by faster than I thought. And it went really well. Day 1= success!
I'll be back tomorrow to recap on day 2.

07 June 2009

New Do

I went to the hairdresser yesterday. Got my colour done because seriously, there was way too much white for my age. And I got a haircut. A cute haircut. Shorter in the back than in the front. And because I'm letting my bangs grow, we just tried a new way for me to wear them. I like it. Getting my hair cut + coloured is pretty much the only luxury I give myself.

Last night, my parents, my brother and I all went to see the new Cirque du Soleil show, Ovo. I loved it! I've always wanted to see one of their shows and we decided, as a family, that now was as good a time as ever. If you like that type of entertainment, you should definitely see the Cirque at least once in your life. Definitely worth it!

I haven't done much art this past week. A couple of cards with more leftover papers. I'll try to post them soon. I'm still thinking about a giveaway. If there's something you'd like to see for a giveaway by me, let me know either in comments or by email. (Inspiration has been low for quite some time...)