29 January 2007

Creative Overload

I've signed up for a bunch of swaps on Swap-bot and the deadlines are all close together. Plus I have to finish a coffee filter album and one 12x12 layout for a coworker who retired and whom we're celebrating Thursday night. And because my parents are gone for 2 weeks, I have to go take care of the dogs every day, morning and evening, to make sure they don't break the house! I'll try to take pictures of those swaps and post them on here soon. Thanks for letting me rant! Goodnight!

21 January 2007

Done and redone

I spent most part of the evening with my mother, embellishing and adding to a predone scrapbook that she is giving to someone we know in Italy (my parents and brother are flying to Italy next Saturday and coming back 2 weeks later.) Though the album itself isn't all that nice, it was "interesting" to work with what was already done on the pages and try to add to it. We managed to find ribbons of similar colors to embellish, some buttons, a bit of cardstock and some flowers. For someone who knows absolutely nothing about scrapbooking or even art, it's not a bad gift. She'll be looking at the pictures more than the rest anyway...

18 January 2007

Birthday tags

On the Scrapbook Centrale forums, there's a bunch of us who participate in the Birthday Tag List which consists of making a tag for each person on the list and sending it to them via regular mail as well as posting it on the gallery. Here are the 2 I have done so far:

The first one is for Patti aka Nitrof and the second one for Julie aka Juja.

Woohoo! I've actually uploaded something on here. So far so good!

14 January 2007

Trying something new...

So I've decided to try and keep up with the times by creating a blog to post my creations, whether they be personnal or for classes. I don't know if I'll be posting often or not but we'll see. In the meantime, you can visit my gallery @ Scrapbook Centrale where I also work. Or look at a few of my cards in my Flickr gallery.

Have a nice week!