29 January 2007

Creative Overload

I've signed up for a bunch of swaps on Swap-bot and the deadlines are all close together. Plus I have to finish a coffee filter album and one 12x12 layout for a coworker who retired and whom we're celebrating Thursday night. And because my parents are gone for 2 weeks, I have to go take care of the dogs every day, morning and evening, to make sure they don't break the house! I'll try to take pictures of those swaps and post them on here soon. Thanks for letting me rant! Goodnight!

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Jessica said...

Hi Sophie! I just realized we have the same blog colors! I didn't mean to copy you, I was just playing around and wanted black, white, and pink, this was all I could find.
I love how you put my blog as one of the ones you visit. you will have to show me how to do that Saturday, If the store isn't busy!!