22 October 2007

Works In Progress

This is a page in my spiral journal that I started last night. I had a dream the night before about a small girl who falls in love with a giant half-human/half-robot. I love the way my drawing came out. What I've done so far on the page is Gesso, make a masking tape border all around, add a piece of scrapbook paper, paint, gesso some more, gold ink (from an ink pad), smudge oil pastels, colour the drawing with gel pens, watercolour pencils and a leafing pen and finally white acrylic paint on top of the oil pastels so I can doodle and journal. I'm getting better at doing layers.

This is the third (and final) mixed media painting in my Citrus serie. I already did Lemon and Lime and this is going to be Orange. It still needs a lot of work.

Tonight I'm taking a Christmas Card class at Catherine's with mom. Can't wait!


craftyhala said...

Miss KoolAid,
I have not mailed anything yet.
My Mom went into the hospital for a week and I am now at her home caring for her all week. She lives 40 miles from my home.
The whole situation threw my days off.
I apologize and will have someone take it down and mail it. It is all packaged, just not with me.
Be well

violette said...

Happy Belated Birthday Miss Sophie! I hope you had fun. I really love this mixed media piece......it's so intriguing!

Thanks for the white paint pens and the lovely flag! I love them.

Love, Violette

Anonymous said...

Wooo these are both wonderful! Great job! To do a piece based on a dream...that just really inspires me to no end! I love it! *HUGS*

altermyworld said...

Awwww your litle robot page is darling, i love it. do more!!!
PS your christmas card is lovely, i love the colours.