30 July 2008

Living in a chunky world

Before this year, I had never really done any chunky books or pages. Now that I do them for swaps, I am obsessed with them. I sign up for way too many swaps but I love doing this kind of artwork. One of those swaps is a House Shaped Chunky swap. I wanted to do something with my houses and not just collage and paint over them. So I cut out the windows with an exacto knife and then layered a piece of printed transparency over each of them before covering the surface (with the window's hole cut-out first of course) with a piece of patterned paper. But that wasn't special enough for me so I also added images of doors (from ArtChixStudio, where else!) and made it so they can open to reveal an image inside (also form ArtChixStudio.) The rest of the house consists of stamping, inking and collaging different things. These are 2 of my 8 houses, before adding fibers and dangling elements to the right-hand side. Now, I have to work on chunky book pages on a Halloween theme and Skinny Book Pages (same idea but they're 3"x8" instead) on a Day of the Dead theme. Should be fun!


Janet said...

These are so cool! I have a thing for doors and windows so I especially like that feature of your pages.

JoyceAnn said...

The chunky book houses ,look great.
Happy to hear you've decided to do something with your journal. That journal page looks wonderful. I tried to work on my garden journal last week , but the grandbabies had other plans for me. But , for now they come first , the journal will have to wait.
Hope you're having a great week.

~ Blessings ~

artbrat said...

Those are really neat. I adore the red one. Something about your colors in that one draw me in.

Here's to a great August.

Anonymous said...

Swaps are loads of fun!If I could, I would do them all the time. Your houses are outstanding! Thanks for sharing them with us!

Sandra Evertson said...

Very cool!

craftyhala said...

Those are nice! i am in two Itty Bitty Book Swaps at once right now. It's crazy busy!