08 April 2008

Discover yourself

Lately, many people have been writing or saying: just start with a doodle. And that's what I did. And it turned into a face with funky hair. So it begged for funky colours. The yellow on the face was intentional. I was trying to make highlights. It looks better in person than on the computer.

This Spring, I'm really feeling the "renew" vibe. I've been doing some cleaning every day. Not big cleaning but still, small is better than not at all. I've finally put some stuff aside to bring to the second-hand store. Things I haven't used in months, years (some even at least 10 years!) I'm a bit of a packrat, you might say. But I no longer want to be a packrat. I want changes. I admire Pam for making her dream come true.


judie said...

Spring is time for renewal. I think most everyone is feeling it. Well, except me. I'm a stick-in-the-mud! Liking your doodle starts! Did you know...Kool Aid was originally called Fruit Smack? ;)

Kate said...

I love this little card I like that you started with a doodle and came up with something wonderful.


Diana said...

Hi, I'm still visiting everyone from my OWOH list. your doodle pic is fun. love the colors. YEP, Pam is going on a great adventure. Just going a cruise is the best I can do ! :)

artbrat said...

Love, love, love this card! Its absolutely wonderful and by meditating on it you will surely "discover yourself" in new ways. Great job.

CeeCee said...

I admire your sense of color. This one makes me happy :-) Thanks for making me aware of pam's website. I think it's great what she's doing.
Can't wait for our croppin' Saturday!