29 March 2009

Crossing off my to-do's

In less than a week, I have started and completed a scrapbooking project (The free class I blogged about in January) and I finished another project: Scrap Your Day (a year of photos and scrapbooking.) I feel really good about this. I am also up to date on the 52Q prompts. Now I just need to make an art journal as my "sample" for my art camp this summer. And I don't want to use a store bought journal so I think I'm going to make my own with old book covers, watercolour paper and my Bind-It-All.

Today's photo: Diesel looking out the back door, last Wednesday.

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Kate said...


Well the bind it all really makes it way to make a journal. On mine I used the back of the watercolor paper pad for my cover and of course the paper in it for my journal paper.
You are quite productive lately. I am enjoying following you on twitter, but its unfair that you get to see Heroes 2 hours before I do.