27 August 2009

For Kathy and CeeCee

Last week, Kathy V, CeeCee, her daughter Stuuph, Maman KoolAid and myself spent a day in and around Burlington, shopping and having lots of fun. Before getting to our location, we saw this F-18 flying over us. I managed to snap this shot in the nick of time! It was quite a sight to behold!

The day was fun though exhausting (I had trouble sleeping last week) and of course we went to Micheal's amongst other places. I was good and only bought things on my list! Mostly frames to display some prints I bought over the last few years. I did buy a couple of DVDs at another store, 2 movies I love and have wanted in my collection for quite some time: The Fifth Element and Practical Magic (thought of you, Lisa, when I found this one!)

Anyway, I enjoyed that day very much and will probably go visit Burlington again but maybe next time I'll keep the shopping to a minimum (would love to visit a bit and take photos.)

Tomorrow, I'll post a giveaway so come back for a chance to win some goodies!
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Anonymous said...

Wow, the photo turned out great! Love those birds :-)
I agree with a 2nd trip to Burlington for walking around and taking it all it. Not crazy about clothes shopping anyways. Let's do this in the fall!

Janet said...

Great photo! The other day while sitting at a stoplight, I looked up and saw a Stealth bomber coming straight towards me! We live fairly close to where they're made and tested. It was quite eerie since there was no sound from it until it was directly overhead and then just a slight whoosh.