14 March 2010

Another stuffed creature - Une autre créature rembourrée

I made this little felt plushie from a drawing that a student in my group made. She supplied the drawing and the felt, I supplied the skills. Tomorrow she will be the happy owner of this plushie. I really like making these stuffed creatures and I think I'll be doing many different ones.


J'ai fait ce toutou en feutrine d'après le dessin qu'une élève de mon groupe a fait. Elle m'a fournit le dessin et la feutrine, j'ai fournit mon talent. Demain, elle en sera l'heureuse propriétaire. J'aime beaucoup faire ces petites créatures rembourrées et je pense en faire plusieurs sortes.


Janet said...

A cute collaboration!

Jennifer said...

Are you familiar with the One eyed, one horned, flying purple people eater? The stuffy reminds me of the song.

Very cute.

CeeCee said...

That is amazing! That's one of the student's drawing you were referring to on Friday? Oooooh, she'll flip when she sees it!