08 March 2010

Stuffed creature - Créature rembourrée

Here is the little creature I was working on yesterday. He was made out of old pyjama pants and tshirts, buttons for his eyes and polyester stuffing. He doesn't have a name yet so I'm open to suggestions. I plan on making a whole bunch of friends to keep him company.


Voici la petite créature sur laquelle je travaillais hier. Il est fait d'un vieux pantalon de pyjama et de vieux tshirts, des boutons pour ses yeux et de la bourre en polyester. Il n'a pas encore de nom alors je suis ouverte aux suggestions. J'ai l'intention de faire toute une série d'amis pour lui tenir compagnie.


CeeCee said...

Ooooh, he's so cute!!!
How about... little boo blue ? (did you get the BDB reference?!)

Janet said...

He's adorable!! I bet he's soft and snuggly and good to cuddle up with. I'm terrible at thinking of names so I'll leave that to others.

Kate said...

Oh that is so cute......