24 May 2011

Foughnut anyone? - Un feignet peut-être?

Yes, you read that right: foughnut. As in Felt Doughnut! After creating a bunch of creatures, I decided to try something new. And this little doughnut was born! It's far from being perfect but I love it anyway. Just looking at it makes me happy! I especially love the beads/sprinkles.
I love the names being suggested in the comments from yesterday's post. Don't be shy if you have any ideas!

Oui, vous avez bien lu: un feigne. Comme pour Beignet Feutrine! Après avoir créé une série de créatures, j'ai décidé d'essayer quelque chose de nouveau. Et ce petit beigne vit le jour! Il est loin d'être parfait mais je l'aime quand même. Juste de le regardes me rend heureuse! J'aime surtout les perles/bonbons.
J'aime les noms suggérés dans les commentaires de l'article d'hier. Ne soyez pas gêné si vous avez des idées!


Marianne Bland said...

Awesome! This is so rad! Somehow I see this attached to a headband/barette/comb and being all the "mode" in the streets of Quebec! You're so creative, Sophie. I know I don't comment often, but I want you to know that I very much enjoy your creations in my inbox all the time, and that I'm inspired by you over and over. Thank you for being so great! -Marianne

Michelle L. said...

Your foughnut is the cutest! That is THE perfect name.

Janet said...

Now that would be one treat I could have without counting calories!!