06 May 2011

Photo Friday #14 - Vendredi Photo #14

It's been raining all week around here but I'm lucky enough to have a hint of spring in my bedroom. I received these beautiful flowers from my family after my show Sunday night. I love that they are the first and last thing I see every day.

Depuis le début de la semaine, il pleut mais j'ai la chance d'avoir un soupçon de printemps dans ma chambre à coucher. J'ai reçu ces belles fleurs de ma famille dimanche soir après mon spectacle. J'aime qu'elles soient la première et dernière chose que je vois chaque jour.


Tinker said...

Lovely! I just scrolled down to see about the show - beautiful! Glad you had a good show. I miss bellydancing class, but I never performed anywhere other than in class and I'm not sure I'd be up to even just the class anymore, these days. Way to go, you!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous flowers and i love the pink-ish background!

Janet said...

Beautiful flowers! There's something so wonderful about having fresh flowers in the house.