08 July 2007

I've been playing with paints and stencils and colours lately. Creating backgrounds to use in other projects such as handmade journals, ATCs, Fatbooks, etc. I'm having fun! :-D

Jazz Fest was fun. We ate at Les 3 Brasseurs which was delish! We saw a group of fire-breathers which was absolutely stunning.

Other than that, not much is happening at the moment, which is fine. I'm feeling good and I'm happy with my life right now.

This is a sample of my "graffiti" backgrounds.


CeeCee said...

Awesome! Love the colors!
Yeah... how 'bout them fire-breather guys.


craftyhala said...

I love the way you put all the ...well the graffiti work is wonderful. It's pretty...is that an appropriate word for it? Either way I like it a lot!