20 February 2008

Of collages, paintings and a prize in the mail

As promised, here are my latest paper spool collages. I made these last Friday while spending an evening of fun and crafts with two of my favourite people in the world: my mom and Catherine. I also worked on another little project which I won't show until it has arrived to its final destination.

My hands are feeling a lot better. I don't know if it's arthritis or carpal tunnel and as long as it doesn't bother me too much, I don't want to know. Now, no lectures please.

Anyway, yesterday, I finally decided to take some Tylenols and it helped relieve the pain so I was able to create. Of course I did my Daily Art Card which is the following picture, but I also finished an art journal page and two paintings. I'll show them later this week.

I've always considered myself an artist. There was a time when I thought I was only a painter but now I know I'm much more than that. I guess that if I have to label myself it would be Multimedia Artist and Recycle Crafter. Ye like? I like! But I had forgotten how much I love to just paint. So I've prepared a few backgrounds to work on when the mood strikes. It was fun to work on something other than a canvas. My plan is to do enough of these types of paintings to eventually sell them.

And finally, I received my first OWOH prize today! What joy to find a parcel addressed to me coming from Hawaii! And when I opened it, I was presented with this beautiful doll made by Lilla... look at her. Isn't she pretty? She shimmers in the light.

Right now, she's hanging on my fake wreath which is still on my bedroom door (and might stay there all year long to display various hanging goodies I receive and/or make.)

Now, I'll go paint some more me thinks. No blogging tomorrow as I'm having dinner with my parents and watching LOST with mom. Have a good Thursday!


Anonymous said...

What wonderful collage works! You are definately more then just a painter. I had never really thought about it before. I have just recently started saying that I am an artist, instead of just painter. I'm making collage pieces etc. They are funn! The doll that you recieved is beautiful! CONGRADULATIONS! :) Wonderful post! Enjoy lost!!! :) *HUGS*

Pam Bennett said...

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scratchfurry said...

I've reached spool heaven! I tell ya, if there was ever something I could become obsessed with collecting it your little spool collages. So lovely!
I'm glad the hand is better. I waited until one day I was lighting a candle and didn't realize that I had dropped the lit match and it scared me. By then my hand was numb ALL the time. Oy...

artbrat said...

I hope your hands are still doing better.

Your spools are great and you are one lucky gal to have won that doll. How fun was that to open?

Joy >i said...

I just love your paper spool collages - how cool !!! I can just picture a bunch of them on a big ring - wonderful !!!
Joy >i<
(Bluebelle235 - ATCs for ALL)

Judy H in NC said...

You terrible person you! How dare you give me yet another idea! VBG I am a needleworker and have a on of those paper fiber spools. Now I have to go pull out my thread boxes and take my empty ones to collage on. And you know they make plastic ones also don't you?

artbrat said...

Wow, I cant believe my brain did this close of a copy of your art. I just remember while I was painting thinking if I could just stay focused on that one thing, I'd get through the darn headache. My subliminal mind must have remembered your work because I sure made something similiar. I didn't mean to mimic your work (even though I love your art). I hope I didn't offend you