19 February 2008

Send me some cheese

I have to whine! Ok, not really but I do need to get this out.

I'm only 30 years old and I occasionally get really sharp pain in my fingers. I don't know if it's the beginnings of arthritis or something else but when it starts to hurts, there's not much I can do. I don't like taking medications so I try to just breathe through the pain. Even typing this post is a bit difficult as I have to stop after a few words because of the pain. Sometimes it feels like needles stabbing through my fingers (sorry for the imagery this may create for some.) It's hard to describe really. Well, anyway, yesterday's Art Card shows you a little bit how it feels. I was okay all day at work today but the pain came back after dinner and now my left hand is pretty much useless because of this. So I'm making this post short. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow. Goodnight!


daydreamstudios said...

Hmmm? I wonder what it could be?
I hope it goes away soon. I do love the image though. Did you create it?
You're invited!!!!

What: A Blog Party

Where: http://daydreamstudios.blogspot.com/2008/02/welcome-to-my-humble-blog.html

When: Now thru next Tuesday

Why: Becuase I made it to 100 posts (wasn't sure I'd make it past 3)

Time: My blog never sleeps, so come when you can.

Who: You of course, bring a friend too.

P.S.: I have a present to give away!

JudiRedhead said...

ooohhh that pain sounds like carpal tunnel to me. Does the pain feel like needles? You may want to get the test, I had surgery and mine is gone. I felt mine mostly in my fingers....it eventually went to my wrist and elbow.

craftyhala said...

thanks for the birthday greetings and sorry for the hand pain. I've three surgeries on my hands. Two for carpal tunnel and one for a trigger finger. The pain you describe is a bit like what I went through with the carpal tunnel pain.
I hope it feels better soon or you figure out what it is.

Pam Aries said...

Hey Sophie..! WEll I gotta tell you I have a problem like that..bothers me when I sleep on my left side. ! It is caused by some nerve in my shoulder of all things. Is yours in both hands. Mine is only in the left...and that's the hand I blog with! ! I loved your post about Valentines and hearts. OK..now . Thin kgood thoughts about coming to Sedona.....You can do it!

altermyworld said...

Oh gawddddddddd Sophie i suffer from tendonitis and Carpal its sucks big time, i feel your pain. blah.
Isn't LOST the bomb this season? I am so in love with it.

CeeCee said...

Yeah, Sophie... I also think it might be carpal tunnel. My brother-in-law got that a few years back and the pain he described sounds quite like yours. I hope you find resolution with that. Yours hands are very precious to create the beautiful things you do.


A Slice of Life said...

I have to agree it sounds like carpel tunnel. My husband has it and was told that before he even thought about surgery to start wearing braces to bed.

So he does and as long as he doesn't slack off on wearing them, he's fine.

You can buy the wrist braces pretty much anywhere, they are about $15-20...very worth it. It seemed like it took a week or so to kick in...I can't really remember. Good luck!