14 May 2010

Colour exploration - Exploration de couleur

Inspired by Hanna, and wanting to use up some of the bought journals I have, I decided to start a colour exploration journal for the colour red. I took out a bunch of my pens, pencils, markers, acrylics, watercolours, images and papers, all of them red. The journal is a work in progress as I want to collect more red things and do some journaling about the colour over time. I'm also thinking of doing exploration journals for other colours in the future. Which colour would you pick to explore?


Inspirée par Hanna, et voulant utiliser des journaux achetés, j'ai décidé de commencer un journal sur l'exploration de la couleur rouge. J'ai sorti une panoplie de crayons, stylos, feutres, acryliques, aquarelles, images et papiers, tous rouge. Le journal est un projet en cours pour lequel je veux collectionner plus de choses rouges et faire de l'écriture à propos de la couleur au fil du temps. Je pense aussi à faire des journaux d'exploration pour d'autres couleur à l'avenir. Quelle couleur choisiriez-vous d'explorer?


iHanna said...

Fun fun fun Sophie! Red is a great colour to start with! Don't forget photos and fabric, oh, and ribbons if you collect those... :-)

Janet said...

Red is a good one but you know I'd start with purple!!

CeeCee said...

I love, love, love this idea! What a great tool! I would personally do greens and then follow with teal/turqoise... just sayin'...! :-)

Monkey Mind said...

Hanna inspired me to start one as well. I chose blue/green to be my first exploration. I too have so many blank journals I could explore many colors and still have journals left over. Thanks for sharing your red journal wiht us.