11 October 2010

Linocut cards - Carte linogravure

I've been wanting to try my hand at making prints out of my own linocuts for a few months. I've carved my own stamps before but this was different. I still have a lot to learn about cutting through linoleum blocks and then inking it to print on paper but I did enjoy trying this new technique. I printed on book pages and watercolour paper as seen above, as well as white and kraft cardstock. I made quite a few prints so expect to see more projects featuring this image.

Depuis quelques mois, je voulais essayer de faire des impressions à partir de mes propres linogravures. J'ai déjà gravé mes propres étampes mais c'était différent cette fois. J'ai encore beaucoup de choses à apprendre sur la gravure du linoléum et comment bien l'encrer pour faire des copies sur papier mais j'ai eu du plaisir à essayer cette nouvelle technique. J'ai imprimé sur des pages de livre et du papier aquarelle comme vu ci-haut, ainsi que sur du carton blanc et nature. J'ai fait plusieurs copies alors attendez-vous à voir plusieurs projets avec cette image.


Kate said...


These look great! This is something I have been planning on trying too. Glad to see your results look so great.

Michelle L. said...

Those are so nice! I love the effect on the book page especially.

iHanna said...

Linocuts are cool , but hard on the heands. Your leaf looks great. You could print it in orange too to make it more "autumny". :-)

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Sophie,
Yeah, this looks really Cool!
I remember doing these in school {funny, I didn't really enjoy it back then, but wish I had paid more attention now}.
Happy creating,

ArtfulLee Designed said...

Your stamp is fantastic. Great to see the different effects on each background.

Janet said...

You carved a great image! I've never done a linocut but I do make stamps once in awhile. You always find such interesting things to try.

CeeCee said...

You did an amazing job on that leaf!

Fanie || TheCraftyLife.com said...

I really like this! :-) You remind me that I need to explore more with this medium.