29 November 2007


I made it! I wrote a novel of 50, 000 some odd words in less than 30 days! It's an amazing feeling. It's a relief and at the same time, I'm kind of sad that it's over. Thank you to everyone who encouraged me and who supported me throughout this whole adventure. And it was quite an adventure. Now I'm gonna go read a book _I_ did not write and then sleep, sleep, sleep.


KaiBlueCreations said...

congraddiess!!! Wasn't this nano "fun" lol.. I'm glad that I had other people to support me thru this.. Thankie mucho for all your kind words.

PEace n hugs, kai

Tinker said...

Congratulations!!! You did it!
What a fun ride it's been, huh? Reading a book you didn't write, sounds like the perfect way to celebrate - enjoy!

Candace said...


violette said...

Congratulations! This is soooo awesome! I'm proud of you!

Love, Violette