17 December 2007

Paper spool collages

As promised in my previous post, here is some art. These are my latest paper spool collages. As always I used ArtChixStudio products to do them. All buttons are from my personal stash. I need to get more buttons, preferably vintage ones. Maybe I'll raid my mom's stash!

Some of these beauties will be going in the mail soon with ATCs (but I'm not seeing when or where!)

To make these, I prefer paper spools to plastic ones. I sand them a bit to get the sheen off and then I dirty them up with my trusty Van Dyke Brown ink.

After that is done, I tear a piece of text (these are from pages of an Italian encyclopedia) which I also dirty up with the ink. I wrap the paper around the middle of the spool and glue it in place (the ends are on the back.) Next step is to wrap a bit of embroidery floss or waxed tread (whatever I have on hand really) and secure the ends on the back with either a glue dot or a bit of clear liquid glue such as Glossy Accents. When that is done (and the glue is dry) it's time to look through the images I have. I use mostly images from the Mini Chix Collage or Mini Mix Collage. This, to me, is the hardest part: deciding which images to use and then which embellishments to add.

All for of these have German Paper Borders but I don't always use them. Sometimes I add a flower or a little piece of glitter. I always add a button and I try to find the one that best suits the collage. I like to thread a bit of embroidery floss through the buttons for that used/reused/vintage look. The final touch is adding a lengths of twine that has been inked a bit so it matches the whole collage. And of course, I sign on the back.

I really enjoy making these little works of art and I hope that my step by step explanation helps some (or all) of you to create your own. It's not always easy working on such a small canvas but the result is oh so worth it. Don't you think? If you have any questions about these or anything else I make, feel free to ask in the comment section or email me.

My new glasses have been ordered and should arrive next week. They are similar to the ones I had but then again, it was the first pair I really really loved!

Snow day is over. I shoveled my car out of the close-to-two-feet snow dump. And while shoveling and sweating and looking as awful as anyone can in these conditions, the landlord from across the street from me was flirting with me and actually asked me for my phone number. It was just too weird. And he's not my type so I said, "Sorry, I don't think so" in the most polite tone I could muster. Hopefully that's the end of that! And on that note, I bid you Goodnight!


Flassie's Fil'a said...

These are adorable! I love your ATCs too.
Have you sent any in to the magazines? You should if you hadn't yet!

Have a Merry Blessed Christmas
and a Happy Blessed New Year!!!

artbrat said...

Each of your spools is incredible. You tie everything together so beautifully. Your description of your process was easy to understand also. Thanks for sharing
I hope your new glasses arrive soon and they are just as great as your broken ones.

giggles said...

Adorable art work! My daughter has many vintage buttons and is always on the hunt for more! Merry Christmas, hope you find more too!

craftyhala said...

These are the greatest things! After the last time you showed spools, I wanted to make some, but I still haven't found my spools...probably away in storage.
I think I'll buy some and do this!
You lay it out so nicely

holly said...

What a wonderful idea! I love paper obsessed people, they come up with the most wonderful ideas for every little scrap they get their hands on. Hugs,
p.s. I'm on your Journalgirl yahoo group and a fellow Canuck too!

magicalmuse said...

These are so great. What a cool idea for a collage surface and they are beautiful!

Candace said...

Wanted to stop by and say hi!! And look at all the goodies!!! Happy Holidays!!

CeeCee said...

OK, first of all... Love your Spook Chix. But then again, I saw them being done. hihihih

2nd: Mr. Landlord is flirting?! Hmmm, huh.... yew?! I don't know. I have not seen him but if you said "I don't think so, I can only imagine.

Fits of laughter,