27 December 2007

Art Journal Pages

Remember this sketch?

Here's the final product:

Mostly coloured pencil, paints (acrylic and watercolour), crayons and ink. Masking tape (to cover a ripped part and to add texture) and DIMO tape.

This one was done after watching the Lemony Snicket movie. I thought the black and white drawing was missing something so I added a watercolour wash on the wall. I really like this drawing.

And finally, my Christmas page! It's slightly brighter than that in real life but not much. Lots of layers on this one. Drawing + journaling + wax crayons + ink wash + light gesso on top of all that + drawing again + journaling again + oil pastels + watercolour wash + glitter glue.

Christmas eve was very quiet: dinner with my family and gift exchanges. Received a violin, 2 PJs, a beautiful necklace, a tripod and remote controller for my camera amongst other things.

Christmas day with my mother's side of the family was nice. The only one who wasn't there was my brother. Even my cousin, whom we don't see very often, was there. All in all a nice holiday.

Watch this space for the next post and a surprise...


iHanna said...

Love the birdcage sketch, nice room

JoyceAnn said...

The birdcage drawing looks great.

I favor that zany christmas tree , love the way it looks , great idea for a journal page.

Angela said...

WOW! Thanks for sharing all of that with us! You really brought the sketch to life! I'm sorry that I didn't wish you a merry christmas. My computer was down....but I'm glad to see that you had one. :) May you have a wonderful new years as well! *HUGS*

Pam Aries said...

your drawings are so kool! I watched Lemony too! Loved all the surreal landscapes! Your Christmas tree is fantabulous! Peace for the New Year! Love..Pam