03 January 2008

Daily Art Cards

Yesterday I wrote about the Daily Art Card Challenge (7/30/365.) These are the first 2 cards I made for this challenge. They are ATC size (2.5" x 3.5") which is a size I like to work on. Other participants are also using this format and some are doing square art. The size doesn't matter really. What matters is the fact that we create art cards on a daily basis. View what others are doing here.

First card is collage, drawing and hand-stitching. Second one is doodling, a bit of watercolour on the heart, rub-ons and stickers. Simple but at least I DID create something.

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iHanna said...

Did you find out about this challenge on my blog? I'm so glad you're in it too! I love making mine, how about you?

judie said...

I especially like that heart card. It's fabulous!

JoyceAnn said...

Love making ATC 'S , they're fun.

Thanks for the idea about the plastic bags ( I've been hoarding , LOL ). I don't knit or crochet , but I plan to learn to crochet this year. Look forward to making some of those draft dodgers.

~ Hope Your Day is Wonderful ~

artbrat said...

The heart card is cool. The 12 month one may be simple, but what a great way to remind ourselves of always having a fresh slate ahead. I'm glad you're enjoying the challenge.

Sandra Evertson said...

Love your blog! Beautiful artwork!
Sandra Evertson

CeeCee said...

Wow, love your ATC`s. So you are doing one a day?! Wow, that's amazing.
Keep up the good work!