09 May 2008


Is it possible for an artist, a mixed media artist at that, to live a simple life? You know, less possessions, more space. Less clutter, more zen. I wonder...

Busy weekend ahead. My parents, my brother and I are going to see my grandparents on Sunday.

Today's image is one of my Daily Art Cards from this week. Oil pastels and 4B pencil on untextured cardstock.

PS Come back after the weekend for a giveaway. No specific reason why other than trying to get rid of clutter. (This giveaway will be art by me... )


Janet said...

I'm not sure if a mixed media artist can live without "stuff"....it's all those little bits and pieces that make collages so interesting!

I like this pear....so simple and yet so beautiful. Love the colors.

Judy H in NC said...

However, sometimes clutter and stuff covers up things so we can't creat and see what is there. I know I am "decluttering" and getting rid of things which have accumulated in preparation for a move to smaller home. Purging "stuff" is very therapudic and at the same time makes me feel more creative.

CeeCee said...

Ooooooooooh, you know how I love pears! This one is just so perfect. Once again, it's all about the colors.
Love it, love it!