18 May 2008

And the winner is...

According to the Random Number Generator, the winner is number 5 but since my mother who was the second to comment isn't participating (she can get my art any time she wants!) that makes the fifth commenter..... ANGELA!!! Congratulations!

This is a triptych I made for an ATC swap. I'm trying to do different types of ATCs and to not always do the messy collages I make. It's not easy but I'm trying. For the past 15 days, on top of doing my Daily Art Card which can be anything from drawing to painting or collaging, I also started keeping a small book on my nightstand where I make one drawing every night before going to bed. It's good practice. And an artist always needs practice in my opinion. Tomorrow I'm having a craft day with CeeCee and my mother. Should be fun!


CeeCee said...

This is very pretty, Sophie. I like the color purple.
Can't wait 'till tomorrow!

Janet said...

Yay for Angela!

Love the triptych idea. I, too, try to draw something each day even if it's just a little doodle. It helps keep me focused.

Flassie's Fil'a said...

She's beautiful!

Congratulations Angela!

What Fun to have a Craft Day
with your Mom and Cee Cee!

Dd had to go take photos of
collections for school and we
went together to a book store
that sell's new and used books
that was show casing an art collection.

While she was taking photos I went and looked at Artists books. I finally found out the names of the artists I wanted to know about while looking through one book.

God Bless Your Creative Life!!!

Kate said...


This is gorgeous, I love it. I love the idea of a triptych but have never done one before. Thanks for the inspiration,


Anonymous said...

WOO HOOO! I won! I won! Ohh it's beautiful! I can't wait for it to be part of my collection!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!