10 November 2010

Mandala Aztek

This one was inspired by Tammy's Origami Mandala over at Daisy Yellow. No curved. It was an interesting exercise. I realized I really like drawing curvy lines! But I do like the result here.

Have you challenged yourself to try something different lately?

Celui-ci est inspiré par le Mandala Origami de Tammy chez Daisy Yellow. Aucune courbes. Ce fut un exercice intéressant. Je me suis rendu compte que j'aime beaucoup dessiner des lignes courbées! Mais j'aime beaucoup le résultat ici.
Vous êtes-vous poussées à essayer quelque chose de différent dernièrement?

Nanowrimo update: 15,447 words as of last night. 15,477 mots en date d'hier soir.


Michelle L. said...

Cool! Didn't notice there were no curves until you mentioned it. It flows! Very Aztec and primitive.

Janet said...

I like curvy lines, too but your mandala looks great with just straight lines. It makes me think I'm looking down on an ancient Aztec pyramid.

You've done 15,447 words!! That's amazing. I envy you the talent to write like that.

ArtfulLee Designed said...

Hi Sophie. Me being a swirly curly kind of girl, this would definately take me out of my comfort zone. What a challenge.
Yours looks great. It does look Aztec to me too.