23 December 2010

My rubber stamps catalog - Mon catalogue d'étampes

I'm starting to get a pretty good collection of rubber stamps. And sometimes, I forget some of the stamps I actually have. So to make it easier to see what I have without going through boxes and boxes, I started making a catalog of all the stamps I have. For this, I used a book I had bought at a warehouse sale. The pages measure 5 3/4" x 8 1/4" and I'm only stamping on one side because the paper is a bit thin. I haven't finished sorting through all of my stamps yet. I have most of my clear polymer stamps and a bunch of smaller wood mounted stamps to put in the final third of the book. It's a big job but once it's done, it will be so much easier the find the right stamp for the right project!

Je commence à avoir une assez bonne collection d'étampes. Et parfois, j'oublie quelles étampes j'ai à ma disposition. Alors pour que ce soit plus facile de voir ce que j'ai sans avoir à passer boite après boite, j'ai commencé à faire un catalogue de toutes les étampes que j'ai. Pour ce faire, j'ai utilisé un livre que j'avais acheté à une vente d'entrepôt. Les pages mesures 14,5cm x 21cm et je n'étampe que sur un côté parce que le papier est plutôt mince. Je n'ai pas fini de passer au travers de mes étampes. J'ai presque toutes mes étampes en polymère transparent et pleins de petites étampes montées sur bois à étamper dans le dernier tiers du livre. C'est tout un travail mais quand ce sera terminé, ce sera beaucoup plus facile de trouver la bonne étampe pour le bon projet!


CeeCee said...

Good job! Now, can you come and do mine?! LOL


Now this is a very clever idea...and anything that is super high functioning organization is just my cup of tea! I adore being organized....and just might start one of my own catalogues!

thanks for sharing this...I am inspired!

ciao bella

creative CArmelinA

Janet said...

You just keep coming up with these great ideas! This is one I'm definitely going to do.

Tinker said...

What a great organizational idea, Sophie.
Hope you're enjoying happy holidays. Merry Christmas!

ArtfulLee Designed said...

This is a fantastic idea. I am getting quite a collection of stamps too and this is the perfect way to see what I have in my stash and I have just the book in mind
Thanks for the idea