08 December 2010

More recycled sketchbooks - Plus de cahiers à croquis recyclés

I made another batch of sketchbooks out of old game boards. I use black electrical tape on all edges for a cleaner finish. These measure about 5 1/2" x 8 3/4".
Could not post earlier because my internet connection was down. Lots of snow in the last 48 hours.

J'ai fait une autre série de cahiers à croquis à partir de vieilles planches de jeux. J'ai pris du ruban adhésif électrique noir pour que les angles soient plus propres. Ces cahiers mesures environ 14cm x 22cm.
Je ne pouvais pas publier l'article plus tôt parce que ma connection internet était coupée. Beaucoup de neige dans les dernières 48 heures.


Melissa said...

The electrical tape edging looks great - really crisp.

Michelle L. said...

I adore these. I agree with Melissa about the tape, what a great effect!

Anonymous said...

These are super cool and you could sell oodles on etsy in my humble opinion. Stay warm and dry up there!

Anonymous said...

Love the idea of recycling those board games. Where did you get them? And yeah, I like the tape too.