21 February 2011

Project ReStyle #7

Something different for this week's ReStyle. My mother had this little test tube holder but didn't really like the silver colour. And the labels needed to be taken off the tubes. So I soaked the tubes in hot water. The labels came off easily. I sanded the holder which is made of wood. A couple of layers of gesso, a couple of layers of white acrylic and some doodling with a fine brush and black acrylic. I didn't have fresh flowers on hand so I coloured a few paper ones for the photo. Much cuter now!

Quelque chose de différent cette semaine pour mon ReStyle. Ma mère avait ce support à éprouvettes mais n'aimait pas sa couleur argenté. Et les étiquettes devaient être enlevées des éprouvettes. Alors j'ai fait trempé les éprouvettes dans de l'eau chaude. Les étiquettes se sont enlevées facilement. J'ai sablé le support qui est en bois. Quelques couches de gesso, quelques couches d'acrylique blanche et du gribouillage avec un pinceau fin et de l'acrylique noire. Je n'avais pas de fleurs fraîches sous la main alors j'en ai colorié quelques-unes en papier pour la photo. Bien plus joli maintenant!


artbrat said...

Cute! Your restyles are so much fun to see. I love that you're doing more than just clothing too!

Janet said...

You come up with so many ideas! This one is cute and useful.

Kate said...

I like what you did with this. Very inventive.

ArtfulLee Designed said...

Now that is cool Sophie. Is there no end to your ability to recycle?

Anonymous said...

Me likey, much much much!
I'm digging the black and wife since it will offset any color of flowers you'll put into the test tubes.