16 March 2011

March journal: Owl - Journal de mars: hibou

Recently, I joined the Wild Precious Ning community. I signed up for 4 of their groups: Art Journaling, Wild Bird Arts (mixed media), Shutter Babes (photography) and Making Mandalas. One of the prompts in the Art Journaling group was to incorporate an owl on a journal page. I made mine with watercolour. I don't like the way I did the wings but I like everything else about this page.

Récemment, je me suis jointe à la communauté Ning Wild Precious. Je me suis inscrite à 4 de leurs groupes: Art Journaling, Wild Bird Arts (multimédia), Shutter Babes (photographie) et Making Mandalas. Une des invitations à créer dans le group Art Journaling était d'incorporer un hibou sur une page de journal. J'ai fait le mien avec des aquarelle. Je n'aime pas le résultat des ailes mais j'aime tout le reste de cette page.


Michelle L. said...

Love this owl...I think the wings are what make it stand out. And cool colors!

Janet said...

I think your owl is cute! I like the wings....my first thought was of an owl doing one of those bodybuilder poses where they flex their arm muscles! It made me smile.

ArtfulLee Designed said...

Cute owl Sophie.I have been trying to get to bed early lately too and end up staying up late. I love the stillness of it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts

iHanna said...

I could post a lot of my pages to that prompt, hehe, owls are everywhere. Love your yellow owl, supe cute SOphie!